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The SAMS, 2016

It's that time of year when filkers gather Somewhere In England, and amongst the informal circles, guest performances, and generally hanging out at the bar the annual awards are handed out. These are put together by my other half and a small coterie of like minded talented folk, who every year manage to come up with something different based on the convention's name.

This year, for example, it's called Con2bil8 (the first one was called Contabile, someone had the bright idea to call the second one Con2bile, and why oh why is the joke not dead yet?) Ahem. Anyway, as there's a bil(l) in the name, this year's theme is birds.

There would have been a gallery here if I'd worked out how to do it, but instead you can see smallish pics of these here and (much) larger pics here. In order, they're the:
  • Gold Award
  • Serious Award
  • Silly Award
  • Award for best performance.

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