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Drip, drip. DRIP...

The Dangerous Logs Act Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill, which essentially enables the UK government to do what it damn well pleases in regard to monitoring what anyone, anywhere, does online, got its reading in the House of Commons today.

House of Commons

The reason the House was so packed is that all MPs had been given a single line whip on the lines of "there's some rather boring stuff coming up, don't bother your pretty little heads about it, pop off back home for a long weekend, why don't you?". Which they obligingly did.

The vote on this takes place on Tuesday, and it's expected to pass by a landslide, because TERRORISM! PAEDOPHILES! DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER! etc.

Now the more thoughtful of you may be thinking, "Hang on, doesn't the UK government already do what it damn well pleases in regard to monitoring what anyone, anywhere, does online?" And indeed you would be right.

The trouble is, a few weeks back the European Court of Justice ruled this was sort of illegal, so the ISPs who until then had been whole-heartedly co-operating started muttering about lawsuits from disgruntled customers. The Government accordingly stated it would sort things out, and remained very silent on the whole thing until earlier in the week, when this little gem was announced, giving me the thought that the whole discussion in government on what to do went something like this:

To recap: the government got caught doing something illegal, so it's changing the law.

It's all rather wearying and disheartening to hear politicians of all stripes telling us this is a perfectly good thing really, and will help spark a debate on what security laws we should have, which has me screaming TOO BLOODY LATE YOU'VE ALREADY PASSED IT YOU PILLOCK; and of course it's got a sunset course so the next government can get rid of it (cough PreventionOfTerrorismAct cough).

I just remind myself that despair is a sin, and there's the House of Lords. They might do something. Might.

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